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 Colecting SOLS for the cs dated on 04/04/09

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PostSubject: Colecting SOLS for the cs dated on 04/04/09   Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:51 pm

We are colecting 255 sols or 10S per member for the next cs. We have untill the next sunday 29th to do it. Dont pay will mean a warning whiout any exeption. The ppl who have already 1 warning, sry but will be kicke. We dont like to do it but is the only 1 way to go to the cs.
U can mail to Linkbreak, Marten06 or Cheerie to pay it.
Share this announcement to all the guild plz, we must collect as much as posible if we want to play the next cs. Im sure we will win it Smile
Thanks for ur colaboration
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Colecting SOLS for the cs dated on 04/04/09
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