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PostSubject: A REMINDER OF WHAT A USEFULL MEMBER IS-------->PLZ READ   Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:02 pm


Usefull Members

An usefull member have to at first participate of all campaigns of guild, as example donate for Ally GM set, GM set, collection of JOGs, 1b+1s+30m contribution, etc. Beyond it, will be considerate participation in forum, in game participation at PK/KS, relationship with alliance and outside alliance players [how many troubles you've been, or how hard you've worked to solve.

Beyond BIDs, an usefull member will be counted to be an guild leader/senior.

I'm posting this again cuz, i've been watching some things that are very wrong.

As we all should know, we have many Ks war, Pk war and more things like that, just for be Dominion and under this circunstances , WE ALL SHOULD HELP, but when we ask help for Pk war, Ks war we don't have the answer of all the members that are online in that moment.

Second, you all know that we have some campaings right now, like Donation to Abim's Set, Donation to Cumbre's Set, the usuall contribution of 1b1s30m and all jog's we can collect, and now lately the contribution WE HAVE TO DO of 35m for LM, this was something unexpected cuz Fucking Reborn, but anyway, like this and others, we need the help of ALL OF YOU, we are 80 members and only 20 to 30 people is caring about our Guild-Alliance.

Many of those other people just ignore the request, and go afk in LOT, many of you can watch the Guild Chat, and see a Nickname that u never saw before, you can only see the Bot of that person ^_^.

What i'm asking is more colaboration with ur Guild-Ally, i many times ask in Guild Chat for help, donation, that read the forum, etc, etc and many times i don't get any answer even they are not afk, they just simply ignore the request.

Is not an option choose not to be AN USEFULL MEMBER, we don't only need ur help in CS, we need ur help everytime we ask and ur in the posibillity of help us. If u want, u can see it like this; The more help u do on ur Guild-Ally, the more chances u have to Get a Cool LM item.

Just think a little bit more in ur Guild-Ally, is good for you and is good for everybody. We can become the Strongest Alliance Helheim have ever seen, but for that we need the help of everyone of You

Good Luck
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